How to Stay Motivated When Everything Seems to be Going Wrong

When things don’t seem to be going to plan and you feel as though you’re taking more steps backward than you are forward, the negative committee rolls out the red carpet and along comes doubt, anxiety and plenty other notorious figures, ready to attend the pity party of the year. Oh and guess who’s headlining at this A-list event? The orchestra of epic frustration ft. rage. Shut the doors stat! Next, rewire your mindset.


If your dreams are in cardiac arrest, resuscitate them. Remember why you started and keep that crystal-clear vision of the future you crave at the forefront of your mind. Let it drive your decisions – the seemingly insignificant ones that when compounded over time, allow you to rack up a tidy reel of accomplishments. The why is a renewable energy source, one that will continue to reignite your fire when all appears to be lost. Even when your string of unfortunate events has robbed you of all motivation, leaving nothing but a nasty cloud of doubt, nagging you to surrender your dreams – the why will rescue you.


There is no such thing as a linear path to success, not in this lifetime. There are curves, bumps and ugly potholes that will ruthlessly test your patience and your persistence. It’s what you signed up to when you made the decision to pursue your dreams. It’s the terms and conditions of living a fulfilled life. And yes, it can be awfully disheartening when you fall unexpectedly, even more so when you bruise, but every battle scar represents a life lesson, an inch of wisdom, undying strength. So, instead of resenting the sometimes agonising journey, take pride in your collection of battle scars. It’s what makes your story one worth telling.


If you’ve convinced yourself that the universe is against you and you’re currently compiling evidence to support this accusation, stop right there. Quit manufacturing examples to backup your claim, it’s totally unnecessary. It’s really just a toxic machine, utilising energy that could be better distributed elsewhere. Search for the silver lining instead. Search for the post-storm rainbow. Search for the opportunity amid the chaos.


Most people are hardwired into believing that asking for help is a sign of weakness. Well, here’s the “Oh My God”, knee-slapping, hand-over-mouth truth – nobody got anywhere alone. So lose the ego and the pride and tap into the pool of resources around you. Asking for help does not make you any less of a person, it does not detract from your independence or bring your competence into question. It’s productive and it’s efficient. Why would you refuse the opportunity to step forward  sooner rather than later?

When your motivation levels are depleting at a dream-threatening rate, harness the power of why, remind yourself that goal paths are non-linear, silver linings exist and asking for help is a way of regaining your footing.


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