Low Carb, Foodie-Approved Recipes to Satisfy Your Belly (on the Road to Abs)

tofu and snow pea stir fry in wok on stove

If you’re embarking on a low carb journey, you’re in luck. I’ve been scavenging around for low carb recipes and carb substitutes that are actually worthy of the association and the name. Every recipe and recommendation is based on my own personal experience, so you can trust that a fellow foodie has tested it and offered an only slightly reluctant tick of approval (because carbs are life and nothing can truly replace their beautiful souls). 

For your digital convenience, I’ve gone one step further and created a pretty good looking recipe eBook (downloads in PDF format) so that you can store it on your phone, laptop and any other device, ready to mitigate your next hangry episode. Each recipe has been adapted from a variety of sources. Most of my inspiration has been drawn from Taste, Australian Women’s Weekly, The Endless Meal and Fuss Free Cooking. The recipes contained in this sexy eBook will take you by surprise. I mean, who knew low-carb meals could be so satisfying? And easy? I sure as hell didn’t. Enjoy the guilt-free food coma that awaits you!

Click the image below to download your delicious FREE copy today!

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