How to Start the New Year Right and Make 2019 Your Most Epic Year Yet

Climbing up the Queenstown Hill

2017 is a brand new chapter. A blank canvas that has the potential to be a masterpiece, if you want it to be. Everything begins with a simple thought, a simple choice, a baby step – so be inspired by the monumental impact your thoughts and subsequent actions can have on the 365 days ahead of you. You’re the artist and you hold the paint brush – remember that.

Adopt a positive philosophy

Ever heard of the saying we become what we think about? The mind is an often underestimated force, driving your emotions and each and every action you take. Your thoughts, compounded over time, create your reality. So, it’s vital that you remain conscious of what you are channeling and subconsciously manufacturing internally. Choose to see the glass half full. Search for the silver lining. It’s all about training your brain to inhale positivity and exhale that toxic waste polluting your mind.

Surround yourself with positivity

The people you engage with on a daily basis have a tremendous impact on your mental wellbeing, so build your relationships wisely and reassess the ones you have currently. Surround yourself with people who radiate positivity, contribute to your happiness, lift you up and inspire you. These are the people who reinforce your values, enrich your life and propel you forward. These people are your cheer squad. Avoid those who produce a constant stream of negativity – it breeds a toxic whirlpool – one that can plague your perspective and bleed you dry of motivation. 

Prioritise your physical and mental wellbeing

Just as physical ailments can put a strain on your ability to do things, mental health problems can cripple your motivation and cloud your perspective. Treat your mind and body with the utmost care and know your limits. You can’t expect to drive a thousand kilometres on an empty tank, let alone a kilometre. When the red light starts flashing, acknowledge it, take a timeout and refuel. Don’t wear away your personal engine – the engine that takes you from A to B. Get yourself a 2019 diary and make sure you schedule time out for yourself. 

Embrace the magic of goal setting

What do you dream about? What makes you giddy with excitement? What do you want from this life? Break your dream down into milestones and translate them into goals. Set goals that will help you close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. These can be broken down into 3-month, 6-month, and annual goals. This will give your year direction, fill you with purpose and set your dream in motion.

Hang up the blanket of excuses

Take responsibility for your actions and own it. Don’t play the blame game – subscribing to this mentality only robs you of respect and your potential to achieve greatness. If you possess a burning desire to achieve something, make it happen. You hold the paint brush, remember? 

Let this be it – a year to remember. One for the ages. Let this be the start of something revolutionary. Or maybe you’ve already begun a revolution and you’re merely resuming the magic. Just ensure you’re beaming with pride at the end of the year, ready to rinse and repeat.

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