5 Simple Ways to Dig Yourself Out of a Workout Rut

Hit a workout wall? Good news – you’re certainly not the first and you definitely won’t be the last. If your fitness flame is flickering dangerously, threatening to extinguish your progress and any hope of achieving your fitness goals, that’s your cue to kick your ass back into action. Surely you didn’t endure a series of muscle-aching sweat fests for nothing?

If like myself, the holiday period sent you on a downhill joyride en route to Slothville, it’s time to hit the emergency stop button and reignite your excitement for exercise. Here are 5 simple ways to refuel your motivation tank.

Spice up your playlist

Reset your energy levels with a fresh, new playlist. Consider these updates an opportunity to discover new music. Two birds, one stone. If you’ve been listening to the same old tunes for months on end, it’s probably past its excitement expiration date – so embrace the gifts of the digital world, maximise your Spotify subscription and get your workout groove on.

Update your workout wardrobe

Permission to shop – granted. Reward your decision to resume a weekly fitness regime. It’s an important commitment and it deserves to be celebrated with a brand new pair of runners (The Athlete’s Foot will hook you up) or some sassy workout gear. Personally, I’m all about the vibrant coloured sports bra. If you’re on the prowl for some quality activewear that is also kind on your wallet, check out Bonds’ range. Just ensure your purchases are made with the right intentions – to sweat, not lounge.

Switch things up

Boredom is the official motivation crusher. It was for me, anyway! Despite seeing very visible results, I was bored of my workout drill and the thought of going was more of a chore than anything else. As soon as you find yourself gravitating towards the infamous workout wall, change it up! Consider a PT session to one – spice up your gym life and two – formulate a new routine that is consistent with your goals. Or, what about CrossFit to really get your heart pumping? You can start small with a few key pieces of equipment, like a CrossFit jump rope

Put the fun back into fitness

Once you find the right activity to engage in, burning calories will feel more like playtime and less like a workout. Indoor trampoline parks. Rock climbing. Nature treks. Cycling adventures along the beachfront. You get the idea. Don’t restrict yourself to the gym – think outside the box, get your squad together and go, go, go.

Celebrate your milestones

Preferably not with a chocolate bar. In all seriousness, give yourself a pat on the back for just for showing up. Acknowledge your progress and be sincerely proud of yourself for hitting a new personal best. That pride, joy and new found confidence will allow you make a generous deposit into your motivation bank, ready for you to tackle the next session.

Together, these 5 tactics create the lighter fluid you need to reignite your fitness flame. Drop the excuse racket and make it happen y’all.

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