20/20 Wardrobe Vision: The Emotional Benefits of Decluttering

winter wardrobe clean out

This afternoon, when I extracted a pair of leggings from the neat stack of activewear I had compiled earlier today, I caught myself smiling a little too hard. You know – the face-numbing, teeth-on-display kind of smile that is generally associated with food? There is just something so satisfying about reorganising your wardrobe. If you think I’m slightly delusional or perhaps you’ve forgotten what it feels like, remind yourself. Therapy is not something that is often classified as pleasurable but believe me, this activity makes the cut. The question is – how can this seemingly average and truthfully arduous household chore produce a monumental wave of positive emotions? This is my analysis.

Visual progress

There are so many goals that we pursue and to-do’s that we tackle in our daily lives, results of which are not always tangible or privy to the human eye. I don’t know about you, but when I see visual progress, it activates my joy switch and fills me with pride. The before and after contrast tells me that I’ve accomplished something important and that energy pulsing through my veins is enough to help me conquer the rest of my agenda.

The mental link

Sometimes, I wish I was able to fold up each thought and store them away in separate drawers and shelves and pull them out at my own accord. Unfortunately, we can’t employ the same method to our minds as we do to organising our physical possessions. The human brain doesn’t exactly adhere to rules or order, but it will respond positively to it. Observing mess and clutter on a regular basis overloads your senses, triggering stress and other emotions that you would rather keep to a minimum. I can attest to this personally. Piecing together an outfit each morning becomes an undesirable task when you’re eyeballing an unsightly jungle of clothing. It also becomes a nagging reminder of what hasn’t been done. The mental link is indisputable. Decluttering with purpose generates an inner peace and a giant sense of relief that has untangled many of the knots in my overactive mind. It’s as simple and as magical as that.

The ripple effect

Reorganising your wardrobe is an opportunity to donate unwanted clothing and keep the good feels rolling. It can be difficult to let go of clothes that are layered with memories, but knowing that it will go to a good home can be a valid source of motivation to follow through. Alternatively, if your bank account is looking a little worse for wear, you can utilise the digital resources at your disposal to turn your much-loved goods into cold hard cash. That’s exactly what I’m in the process of doing.

Unlock time

Think about the colossal amount of time you’ve probably wasted searching for that top that has seemingly vanished amid the hurricane that is your wardrobe. Streamlining your wardrobe and grouping your clothes into some form of logical order can make your mornings a little more pleasant and a little less stressful. Little goes a long way on a Monday morning when the caffeine is yet to hit your blood stream. Your future self will thank you for rescuing all the items of clothing you were certain had disappeared into your wardrobe’s equivalent of the Bermuda triangle.

Go on now, declutter and detox your wardrobe! The emotional rewards you stand to reap are truly liberating. Trust me when I say that an organised space translates into more than just a pretty Instagram post. You’ll see.

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