What You do Every Day Matters

“What you do today matters. What you do every day matters.” This simple truth has sparked an internal revolution – one that has effectively erased an inherently flawed perspective and initiated a consistent cycle of progression. Once you recognise and wholeheartedly embrace the power weaved into every hour of every day, you’ll hold the key to a more productive lifestyle. Whether you choose to unlock the door – that’s entirely up to you.

Are your actions consistent with your ambitions?

I launched The Banter Press with an ambitious vision to turn it into a globally recognised online publication, but my daily habits weren’t programmed for success. For the first couple of months, I was completely ignorant of the fact that my seemingly harmless decision to skip a day of work (or two, or three) was inadvertently widening the gap between where I was and where I wanted to be. I was unknowingly subscribed to a mentality that was robbing me of the most precious commodity known to mankind – time. It was only once I started reading and absorbing the philosophies and principles advocated by Jeff Olson and Brian Tracy – self-development authors/geniuses – that I begun to actively reassess my habits, my choices and ultimately, the results. I stopped using my full time gig as an excuse to justify the daily desire to kick back on the couch and maximise my Netflix subscription. Instead, I focused my energy on cultivating a strong level of self-discipline, feeding my mind with self-improvement tactics and taking the daily to-do list to the next level.

Hack your way to a productive life

The “Don’t Break the Chain” tactic is revolutionary. It works wonders (from personal experience) because it encourages you to work on your goals every day. The aim of the game is to achieve an infinite series of X’s on a calendar. An X is earned only when your daily predetermined criteria is met. The visual display of your progress provides a healthy source of motivation and you’ll find that you are more likely to uphold your daily routine because breaking the chain is a tangible reminder of your failure to commit. Eventually, your chain of X’s will form a routine and these daily habits will forever remain a priceless asset in the pursuit of whatever it is you are chasing.

Become a planning pro

I’ve been a long time ambassador of the humble to-do list, but it’s only been in the past month or two that I’ve started to realise the sheer power of planning and the optimal time to do this – the night before. When you create a visual plan of what you want to accomplish in advance, your subconscious mind will work on your list while you sleep, quietly manufacturing ideas and strategies that you can employ to efficiently complete your pre-established list of tasks. It’s pretty spectacular how the human mind works. I recommend reading Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy – twenty-one practical and doable steps to end your procrastination crisis.

Feed your mind

Food for thought is the gift that keeps on giving – all the more reason to feed your mind with wisdom and philosophies that are going to reconfigure your perspective and equip you with the tools for reaching your full potential. Self-development books didn’t always appeal to my reading palette, but since immersing myself in The Slight Edge, I genuinely can’t believe it’s taken me this long to appreciate the life-changing material buried beneath the pages.

When it comes to kicking goals, the same philosophy applies – what you do today matters. What you do every day matters. It was this simple revelation that activated an empowering chain reaction and it can do the same for you, too.

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