A Journey From Career Confusion to Clarity

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Throughout the years of primary school and high school, I must have explored at least twenty very different professions, none of which I considered viable by the time I entered my final year of schooling. In my early childhood years, I wanted to be a doctor. It must have been one of those kiddy doctor sets I was given one Christmas that fascinated me for a good year or two. At that age, playing doctor was all fun and games – bright coloured stethoscopes and Disney princess bandaids – none of which activated my soon to be discovered fear of needles or the queasiness I felt at the sight of blood.

I distinctly remember a wedding planner phase, inspired by Jenny from the block in her 2001 chick flick The Wedding Planner. The lawyer phase took stride in year 11. The court of law was intriguing, but the excessive amount of documents I would need to peruse on the daily made me quickly dismiss this as a key contender career wise. I liked to read, but translating a mountain of legal jargon was definitely not appealing. Not even my current attachment to Suits could sway me down this route.

By the time year 12 came around, I was left clueless, confused and frustrated. I specifically recall flicking through the pages of the course booklet, dumbfounded by the choices before me. How was I supposed to pave my career path at the humble age of seventeen, with minimal knowledge of what the real world truly had to offer?

Even after graduating from uni at 22, I still didn’t have a clue what my purpose was or what I truly craved in this world. The only thing I was certain of was that I wasn’t ready to enter full-time employment and surrender the part-time lifestyle. After years of striving for decent grades and juggling shift work in a sleep deprived or let’s be honest, a hungover state, I needed a big fat break. And so, I decided to ponder my future career for another year and embrace the joy of working without studying. Flight attending was another fleeting consideration at this point. I quickly decided that the glamour was overrated. After a year of pondering and enjoying far too many nanna naps, I reached my boredom threshold which ignited a desire to plunge into the corporate world. My actions were not inspired by a dream job as such. In fact, my career aspirations were rather vague and was quite honestly the product of my boredom and expectations that I had imposed on myself.

My point here is that it doesn’t matter if you haven’t yet discovered your calling or if you don’t have a dream job in mind. The path you choose will ultimately take you to where you need to be. In spite of my limited foresight into the future, I was intelligent enough to pursue a marketing degree which prepared me for the corporate world and my experience in the digital marketing sector is what inspired The Banter Press. Believe it or not, everything happens for a reason.

I’m pretty certain that I’ve discovered my purpose. But, who knows what the universe has in store for me? The Banter Press could just be another stepping stone, preparing me for something that hasn’t yet penetrated my awareness.

Career confusion, regardless of how mentally frustrating it can be, is just another chapter in the book, another story to tell. Embrace the journey. From one impatient individual to another, try to exercise a little patience. The moment of clarity will eventually greet you, your dream will start to take shape and you will feel invigorated with purpose, ready to make your mark on this world. 

I’ve finally got a destination in mind, but I still need to remind myself to enjoy the journey ahead. You should, too.

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  1. Robert:And yes, I'm slowly working through Existence, but this work needs to be savored and shouldn't be rushed.I totally agree, which is why &qou;;Existence&quott, like "Earth", "Glory Season" and "The Postman" take months for me to finish.My wife, on the other hand, can polish an 800-pager off on a five hour airplane flight. And she sees nothing wrong with that."And so, between the two of us, we lick the platter clean," I guess.

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