How To Refuel Your Motivation When All You Want To Do Is Quit

Motivation is what fuels our engine and propels us forward. Without it, our dreams, our goals, come to a devastating halt. Without it, we settle. We quietly surrender our passport to fulfilment, subsequently exposing ourselves to the should have, could have, would have syndrome – the unforgiving pain of regret and hopelessness.

It is inevitable that your motivation levels will plummet during the course of your journey. Think of it as the universe initiating a renewal of vows ceremony to reaffirm your commitment to whatever it is you’re pursuing. It’s no secret that once the initial excitement has worn off, it can be infuriatingly difficult to stay on track. Why? Because life happens. Because life can be uncomfortable. Because the blood, sweat and tears is often more than we’re willing to expend. Because temptation lingers and immediate gratification waves its flag relentlessly.

There are a multitude of filthy magnets pulling us away from the vision that we have curated in our minds – the vision that is braided into our conservations and threaded into our daily agenda. There’s no need to resent the loss of motivation or cast blame – it’s part and parcel of every worthwhile journey. In fact, it’s in the T’s and C’s of being human.

When you can feel your spirit diminishing and your vision fading into a permanent dream state, you have two options: you can pause to refill the tank and continue along the path you defined or you can call it a day. Your decision to proceed will be influenced by the compelling nature of your why statement, so make sure you give it your best shot.

Spend some time generating a list of all the reasons why you are in red hot pursuit of a certain goal. It doesn’t need to be pretty. It needs to be honest. Remove the filters you would otherwise implement for the public eye and drill down to the core. Ignore the poetic crap that resembles a glorified mission statement. Keep it real and keep it raw. It isn’t for anyone but yourself. It’s food for your soul. Ask yourself – is this what you really want? More importantly, do you need to make this change? And why? There’s a reason, potentially multiple reasons behind your initial decision to embark along this path in the first place. Tap into the why and ask yourself if that is still the person you aspire to be.

Remember – you hold all the answers. It’s just about regurgitating what you may have forgotten. It’s about unearthing the fuel you didn’t even know you had and using that to drive you forward.

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