6 Reasons Why It’s Okay to Unlock Your Tear Ducts

Silhouette of man standing on top of a hill with storm clouds

I know I always preach positivity and encourage y’all to jump on the positive train with me, but some days this philosophy is as foreign as fried crickets – an indigestible concept that my mental state won’t entertain. Some days, I just need to have a big fat ugly cry because the emotions strangling my slightly fragile frame of mind will only loosen its strings if I acknowledge its presence and unlock my tear ducts.

It’s not like I would be doing myself any favours (other than preserving my makeup) by gritting my teeth in a brave attempt to deactivate the pending waterworks. In fact, I would be depriving my soul of all the goodness crying brings. The next time you feel as though the best course of action is to padlock your tear ducts and internalise your volcano of emotions, here are a few fast facts to warrant and welcome the tears.

The exit door for stress

Let it rain. Embrace the emotional cleansing process. Studies have found that emotional tears – those triggered by any form of distress – can actually flush out the nasty toxins that accumulate, courtesy of stress. By this logic, suppressing your emotional downpour will only exacerbate your negative state. 

Turning the page

Confronting your feelings is a necessary part of moving forward. Carting around emotional baggage only delays the inevitable. There is no point in running away or playing the denial card – it will eventually catch up with you. Although crying isn’t going to magically solve your problem, it will help you process your feelings.

Ride the wave of creativity

Expressing your emotions can trigger a burst of creativity. You may find that your greatest trials and  tribulations later become a powerful source of inspiration and an unassuming blessing in disguise. Just think about all the number one hits and bestsellers that were born from some degree of adversity – emotional expression has generated some pretty positive outcomes. So, in your post-battle reflection, why not consider how you can turn what was a seemingly ugly episode into something productive.

Strength in tears

Crying keeps you mentally strong because you’re actively dealing with your feelings rather than allowing it to fester into an emotionally charged bomb. The stigma attached to crying is outrageously damaging and certainly has no place in today’s society, so you can officially quit perceiving crying as a sign of weakness. It’s a powerful, healthy release.

Bask in the vulnerability

Baring your soul to another human being can be daunting, but you’ll feel enormous relief in the aftermath. Vulnerability builds connections and connections are fundamental in reversing the persistent feeling of isolation. The burden you’ve been shouldering may still exist, but it won’t feel as heavy.

Keep it natural

According to a study performed at the University of Florida – 88.8% of weepers reported an improved mood after a good cry. The study also found crying to be more effective than any antidepressant on the market. Free therapy – it doesn’t get much better than that.

Now that you are privy to the teary truth, I can only hope that the next time you feel your eyes well up, you refrain from fighting them back by default. Let it rain, guys, let it rain. We all know what emerges after a heavy downpour!

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