6 Nightmare-inducing Mistakes to Avoid When Moving House

Moving house survival kit flat lay

Moving house can prove to be a chaotic experience, particularly for first-time movers who haven’t a clue what to expect. What begins as a highly anticipated event, approached with enthusiasm and vigour, quickly dissolves into a pit of frustration. 

All too often, the trouble begins with a flawed concept of time and let’s face it, an unrealistic plan of action or the lack thereof. In an effort to suppress the chaos and reignite the joy of moving, we’ve put together 7 common moving mistakes to avoid at all costs.

Foolishly winging it

Ah, yes. The foolish “wing it” move. Needless to say, the gung-ho spirit can terminate all logic and compromise your ability to make sensible decisions. The absence of a relocation plan promotes turmoil, inadvertently raising the blood pressure levels of all those involved. With a mountain of factors to consider, from relocation costs to the transportation of your pets, you simply cannot afford to ‘wing it.’ Developing a comprehensive plan of action that covers every aspect of the move will keep you organised and on track, leaving little room for forgetfulness.

Forgetting to account for travel time

Scheduling in 3 round trips from A to B is all well and good, but have you taken into account loading, unloading and most importantly, travel time? Traffic is an untameable beast, known to sabotage the most foolproof plans and activate a negative reel of emotions. Underestimating or dismissing the importance of timing will impact your productivity and land you in the centre of peak hour traffic, enraged by your lack of foresight. Adopting a proactive approach and calculating estimated times of departure and arrival will go a long way in helping you bypass the pitfalls of traffic.

Failing to de-clutter

Hoarding possessions that you haven’t laid eyes on since Sexyback hit the radio waves, serves no purpose other than accumulating a Guinness world record-worthy layer of dust. It’s time to let go. The silver lining of relocating is the opportunity to declutter and reorganise your belongings. A good rule of thumb is to donate, discard or sell items you haven’t worn or used in a year. Consolidating your worldly possessions can be a time-consuming endeavour, but it is certainly a worthwhile one. Enlisting the help of friends and family ahead of time can speed up this process. You may also want to hold a garage sale to dispose of items that are no longer of use, this is an effective way of raising extra funds while still fulfilling the primary objective.

Ignoring the need to pack in advance

If you’re a notorious ‘last minute’ offender, you may want to reconsider your relocation tactics. While the last minute mentality may suffice when packing for a holiday, it will not bode well under these circumstances. Packing your life away into cardboard boxes is the least bit enjoyable, but it is far less excruciating when initiated ahead of time. Prepare for the impending move by boxing up items that you won’t need right away – for example, if you’re moving during Winter, you can pack away your Summer wardrobe. It’s always best to tackle one area or room at a time to ensure your goods are packed in an orderly manner.

Dismissing the importance of inventory management

Creating a personal inventory of your belongings may seem excessive, but if done correctly, it can streamline the moving process and prevent pandemonium from breaking out once you arrive at you new home. Strategically labelling your boxes allows you to prioritise and locate specific items without pulling your hair out. You can’t deny the power of organisation and its ability to reverse a moving meltdown, generally triggered by a hangry and sleep-deprived state of mind. Each box should be assigned a number and labelled with the name of the room it belongs to as well as a brief description of the contents. Don’t forget to specify if the contents are fragile or heavy. The details of each box should then be transposed to a spreadsheet for easy reference.

Forgetting to pack a survival kit

The moving process can take a toll on you, physically and mentally. As we’ve established, preparation is the key to conquering relocation nightmares. A survival kit containing the bare essentials such as toiletries, toilet paper, medication, comfy clothing, snacks, water bottles, phone charger and your trusty inventory checklist will serve you well come moving day (and night). Remember to keep yourself hydrated and energised with an abundant supply of snacks.

To preserve your sanity and outsmart the nasties of relocating, be proactive and arm yourself with a solid plan of action which addresses these 6 nightmare-inducing mistakes. Happy moving!

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  2. Thanks for the tips. I have a hard time getting rid of old stuff, but you are right if I have not used it in the last year I need to get rid of it. I am sure some of it could go to people in need, so I would be doing good by getting rid of my old stuff. I also really like the idea of having less stuff to pack.

  3. Wow, these are some really great ideas for anyone planning a move.I am actually glad to read this posts which contains plenty of useful data, thanks for providing these tips.

  4. I totally agree with you! When it comes to moving, it’s always a good idea to get a head start. It will certainly help the move go over more smoothly. Nice tips! Thanks for the advice!

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