5 Tasty Tips for Overcoming Diet Frustration

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Go green

I’ve come a long way from the fussy eater I once was, but there are still a number of foods that my tastebuds will reject until the end of time, which coincidentally fall under low-carb substitutes, like cauliflower and brussels sprouts. YUCK. My advice to you – fall in love with as many vegetables as you can. I don’t think I’ve ever willingly consumed as many green foods as I have in the past month. Here’s a list of 21 low carb vegetables to add to your bible – spinach and zucchini for the win.

Cheat for treat

I’m a huge ambassador of the cheat day, as long as you establish some rules and remain somewhat disciplined. Don’t go overboard and reverse the blood, sweat and tears you’ve shed during the week. You’ll find that you’re less likely to accidentally binge if you assign yourself a cheat day. I feel as though cutting out treats completely is not feasible on a long term basis. Mastering self-discipline when it comes to sugar is a more important goal, in my opinion. I usually reserve my treat for the weekend – Friday, Saturday or Sunday – depending on the social calendar and my mood. During the week, I’ll devour cantaloupe, watermelon, oranges and blueberries for a quick sugar fix.

Water wonderland

Increasing your water intake can help reduce that persistent urge to eat all the food plus more until you’ve well and truly entered a food coma and your physical movement has been compromised. Often, you feel as though you’re hungry but you’re actually just thirsty. So, before filling your gob with whatever snack you’ve located in the pantry, fill the tank with some water. This will also help you determine how hungry you really are. I will admit that sometimes after dinner, I’ll feel a slight pinch of hunger, but I’m almost certain it’s my brain (and stomach) faking it – trying its luck at a sneaky snack session. After a while, it disappears, so stay strong!

Hunger-proof your life

Take the time to create a hunger-proof list of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas before embarking on your low-carb mission. This will be your bible and your weapon against hunger. Without a list of tasty substitutes at hand, you’re bound to fall back into old habits. We all know that hunger is notorious for crushing any means of self-control, so plan your meals!

Creativity kills frustration

Don’t be afraid to modify recipes and adapt them to your taste buds. Avoid dismissing low-carb recipes  based purely on the selection of vegetables – swap them out for ones you prefer. I haven’t been able to shake my childhood dislike for broccoli, so I always substitute it with snow peas or beans, depending on the dish.

Mastering self-discipline when it comes to food can feel like torture if you haven’t equipped yourself with the right tools. Trust me, I know. Educating yourself with the facts and creating your very own low carb bible will go a long way in ensuring you stay on course – you got this!


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