5 Irresistible Perks of Apartment Living

St Kilda apartment

Just like the deceivingly delicious vegetables that were shunned from my diet as a child, the concept of apartment living had also fallen victim to my skewed perceptions. 

It’s only been in recent years that I’ve learnt to detach myself from the blanket of preconceived notions and instead allow experience and fact to guide my judgment. Had I not made this seemingly straightforward yet life-changing decision, I would probably still be depriving myself of some of life’s greatest pleasures – avocado, pork crackling and the latest to date, apartment living. 

It’s only been a couple of months and perhaps the novelty of living out of home and the excuse to purchase an unlimited amount of homewares has sweetened the flavour of apartment living, the truth is, this brand spanking new apartment has got me smiling like a five-year-old who’s discovered a hidden stash of lollies.

Although apartment size may fall into the cons category when evaluating housing options, it is actually where the majority of advantages stem from. Needless to say, I’ve done a complete 360 on the whole apartment lifestyle and I feel obliged to share some of the most compelling benefits associated with apartment living.

Location, location, location!

The large majority of apartment developments are conveniently located in some of Melbourne’s most desirable locations. The major draw card here is the close proximity to the city and public transport, followed by a pocket of bustling streets lined with bars, restaurants and various other facilities that are often a quick stroll from your front door – privileges that the suburbs simply can’t compete with. If the hour long journey to work in peak hour traffic is crushing your spirits and subtracting hours of precious sleep, the apartment lifestyle is certainly one worth considering.

Live the lush lifestyle

Being close to the action is ample motivation to venture out and explore the magnificent city that you live in. The lengthy journey to the CBD may have discouraged you in the past, but not when you’re a reasonable distance away. Buying a property in the inner city suburbs is out of the question for most people my age, so why not live the lush life while you’re renting and move to the burbs when it’s time to settle down.

Brag-worthy power bills

A smaller living space makes for a healthy power bill and with electricity prices skyrocketing, this is not an advantage to overlook. Keep your eye out for apartments that boast floor to ceiling windows -an underrated asset in my opinion. The generous supply of daylight eradicates the need for a clothes dryer. Winner!

Low maintenance

The absence of a front or backyard eliminates the need for a lawn mower or dedicated gardener. I can think of better ways to spend my hard earned cash. However, if you’re longing for some greenery in your life, why not invest in a few low maintenance plants to compensate. Speaking of low-maintenance, cleaning an apartment is a breeze. If you’re a self-confessed clean freak, but the act of cleaning doesn’t exactly draw as much enthusiasm as the result, you’ll be happy to hear that a smaller living space means less upkeep and more time for the fun stuff.

Wallet-friendly investment

Consider the amount of furniture you would need to deck out a house. Then consider your bank account, plunging to its negative existence. Terrifying would be an appropriate adjective. Furnishing an apartment, on the other hand, is a more wallet-friendly option. Unless you’re moving into the penthouse overlooking Southbank, you won’t require a great deal of furniture. Coffee table, couch, side table, TV unit, dining set, desk, chest of drawers for the bedroom, bed and bedside tables – that’s all it took to furnish our humble abode.

Hopefully, this spiel has provided you with sufficient insight into some of the core benefits of apartment living and helped you to devise your very own pros and cons list. If I’ve managed to convince you, happy apartment hunting!

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