5 Flavoursome Tips on How to Transform Your House into a Home

Living room interior inspiration with personalised art

Display houses are notorious advocates of minimalist interiors, sleek edges and a false sense of perfection. It’s the latter that can inadvertently cloud your interior motives. 

There’s a fine line between drawing inspiration from these staged spaces and replicating the painfully generic elements of what is essentially the equivalent of a stock image. Your home should encapsulate your personality and be a visual representation of who you are. Unless bland is your flavour of choice, be bold, be daring and be you. To help guide your credit card swiping expedition, we’ve put together five flavoursome tips on how to transform your house into a home.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Dressing up your walls with a beautiful painting or wall hanging that complements your interior has just as much jaw-dropping potential as your rustic coffee table, if not more. It’s a clever way of injecting a little personality into your home, without compromising on floor space and leaving your home vulnerable to a clutter crisis. Finding a piece of artwork that appeals to your taste can be tedious, particularly if you haven’t a clue what to search for. An alternative and more favourable solution would be to create your own. Start by scanning your globe-trotting memoirs and short-list a handful of frame-worthy snaps. Although professional framing can be costly, you won’t regret the result – A sentimental and timeless work of art that represents some of your most cherished memories.


The feeling of a thick, luxurious plush rug beneath your feet is simply irresistible in the peak of winter. As the primary ingredient for unleashing warm and fuzzy vibes and activating the cosy effect, this powerful accessory is a household favourite. Whether you are searching for a flooring accessory that subtly ties everything together or one that makes a bold statement, the right choice of rugs will breathe life into your home. If you wish to incorporate a few rugs, give sufficient thought to how they will look together and whether it will complement your interiors. The last thing you want is a nasty clash of colours.

Sentimental accessories

Your prized possessions speak volumes about you. They serve as visual cues, highlighting your interests, your achievements and what you stand for. The brass cat you purchased on your first European escapade, your rapidly growing record collection or the ceramic masterpieces you created in pottery class represent the colourful chapters of your life. Leave plenty of room for personalisation, it’s what makes your home yours.


Creating a safe haven, a retreat, a place to unwind goes beyond fine tuning your interior decorating skills. It is likely that you have given plenty of thought to the visual elements inside your home, but neglected to cater for the most sensitive senses of them all – scent. Your posturepedic mattress may help you achieve an unrivalled state of relaxation when you are horizontal but there is no reason why you should deprive yourself of this luxury during your vertical hours. With the right choice of candles, the stress-deactivation process can begin the moment you walk through your front door. Scents such as lavender and jasmine, for example, contain natural calming properties, known to relieve tension and revitalise your mood. Leverage the power of scent and feel the weight of your stress evaporate the moment you step inside your humble abode.


The humble house plant, generally noted for its decorative value, offers more than just a vibrant splash of colour. Contrary to popular belief, the air you breathe indoors can actually be more toxic than the air outside. Fortunately, you can easily counteract the effects of carbon monoxide and improve air quality by incorporating a few potted plants into your living space. Studies have revealed that plants can remove up to 75 per cent of urban air pollutants within 24 hours. Aside from providing a breath of fresh air, plants are natural mood-boosters, proven to reduce feelings of anxiety, stress and fatigue.

Decorating a blank canvas is an exhilarating process but one that requires patience. Creating a space that satisfies your definition of home can take time. Don’t rush it, embrace it.


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