10 Compelling Reasons to Fall Head Over Heels in Love With Winter

Winter's day in Flagstaff Gardens in Melbourne

If the antarctic temperatures are dampening your mood and you’re contemplating proceeding as the bears do (hibernating for the season), allow me to convince you why winter isn’t so bad after all and why hibernation is completely unnecessary. 

In all honesty, I’m devising this list to convince myself that winter is truly a magical time of year, and the brutally cold mornings and torrential downpours are just an exaggerated reality we’ve concocted to warrant our seemingly unstoppable series of first world problems. So, let’s put winter under the ‘positive’ microscope and uncover just how charming this season really is.

Carbs, glorious carbs

Let’s take a moment to express our gratitude for food, most importantly carbs, because carbs are like hugs. There are so many glorious winter dishes – soups, curries and stews – which of course can be devoured all year round, but are far more appealing and satisfying during winter. And let’s not forget those warm winter desserts. Apple pie and sticky date pudding anyone? My mouth is literally watering right now and I’ve accidentally activated my cravings button. Whoops.

Hide the accidental kilos

Well, the good thing about indulging in a good old fashioned winter feast is that you can quite easily conceal your food baby under a thick, oversized jumper and coat, and still look fabulous. Score! And if you’re committed enough to your summer body, then you can slowly shed off the kilos in time for summer, without anyone noticing the accidental kilos. Don’t you love it when life just works in your favour?

The festive season (take two)

If anything is going to pull you out of a winter rut, it’s Christmas, take two. Instead of the standard sweltering Christmas we’re most familiar with, we can pretend that our ‘mild by comparison’ winters are white-Christmas worthy. Gather the crew, sport the ugliest Christmas jumpers, whip up a food-coma-inducing feast, indulge in a few too many treats, and nurse yet another food baby because, winter.

160716 winter clothes_

Feed your shopping addiction

If you need an excuse to revamp your wardrobe, you can thank mother nature for delivering this very convenient excuse to you on a bed of autumn leaves. Go pick out a coat and some jumpers and scarves and a beanie while you’re at it. You’ve been cordially invited to raid your favourite clothing stores.

The joy of spooning

My position on spooning generally falls in line with the seasons. I don’t know about you, but I am one hesitant spooner/spoonee come summertime. It’s just too hot and I can’t deal. Winter on the other hand automatically elevates my level of affection and I become an instant ambassador of all spooning activities. Who needs an electric blanket when you’ve got a human heater?

Get cosy in front of a crackling fire

Relaxing in front of a crackling fire, glass of wine in hand, when it’s unpleasantly cold and wet outside, might just be the definition of the perfect winter evening. There is something so oddly comforting about watching the flickering flames dancing around and basking in the natural warmth of a wood burning fire. It must be our evolutionary attraction to open fires that makes this such an enjoyable activity.

An abundance of leaf confetti

Although mornings can be ruthless, the season compensates with its charmingly rustic landscape, featuring bare branches and sidewalks decorated with an abundance of leaf confetti from Autumn. Take a look around you and appreciate the beauty of this season – it won’t be long until you’re secretly snapping shots of the city’s saturated skyline.

160716 bed socks

Achieve maximum comfort levels

What is typically a redundant item of clothing in summer, becomes a sheer necessity as soon as the temperature plummets to single digits. As long as you’re armed with a generous supply of flannelette pyjama pants, fluffy bed socks and fleecy trackies, there is no reason to be sulking this winter. They are possibly the comfiest items of clothing known to man.

Winter supports your hairy legs

Maybe it’s just me, but have you ever sighed in frustration because the outfit you have proudly pulled together last minute (in summer) requires you to shave your legs? What a chore! At least we can take comfort in the fact that our choice of winter attire rarely depends on the status of our legs.

The magic of snow

Whether you’re building a great big snowman with a carrot nose, tobogganing down the hill at full speed or tackling the black run like a beast, you can’t deny the magical alpine landscapes that create one hell of a winter playground. 

I hope I’ve put forward a strong enough case that motivates you to gracefully emerge from hibernation and embrace the season for all that it has to offer, mainly carbs.

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