The Queenstown Food Coma: 5 Epic Feeds

Bespoke Kitchen brunch in Queenstown

Queenstown is home to magical, picturesque landscapes that still manage to charm you on the gloomiest of days. You won’t go hungry either. The tantalising spread of food will leave you in a daily food coma – the type that incites future cravings – the most genuine measure of food cred in my opinion. Not to steal the limelight away from Mrs Ferg, but let me assure you that the food fest goes beyond the highly-publicised, crowd-roaring burger capital of Queenstown. For the benefit of your belly and to prevent a hunger-induced tantrum from erupting in public, I’ve dished up a mouth-watering list of eateries (based on personal experience) that I promise are worth your hard earned cash.

Bespoke Kitchen

The ultimate breakfast/brunch bonanza. With a stomach-stopping menu to please and an open fire in the courtyard to impress, you simply cannot deny yourself the pleasure of devouring possibly the best brunch spread ever. The quirky concoction of flavours work so brilliantly together – I swear, the cravings are real (and permanent). We shared the pulled lamb and lentil stew (two separate dishes) which exceeded all expectations.


This was a rather spontaneous pick. We actually had another restaurant in mind but the lack of patrons was cause for concern, sounding alarm bells in my head. Anyway, we were over the moon to discover this quirky Japanese gem, nestled in the heart of Queenstown. Expect a flavoursome feast in a fun and cosy atmosphere. You may also want to make a reservation given the limited seating capacity.


Taco Medic

Prepare yourself for the explosion of flavours that will most likely initiate a state of ‘can’t even.’ Don’t underestimate the size of these carefully crafted creations – it’s an art and Taco Medic is the Picasso of the taco world. We indulged on two occasions and I still can’t pick my favourite. Easily the best tacos I’ve ever tasted.


Part of the Ferg family, this delightful existence is an outright winner for me. Unlike its burger sibling, you won’t be battling excessive queues. Prepare yourself for the beginning of a serious pie addiction (of the sweet AND savoury variety). I don’t think I’ll ever find a bakery that serves better homemade pies than this carb-quenching haven. You can’t go past the apple pie and Thai chicken curry pie.

My Thai Lounge

Get your Thai fix here. A delicious, authentic, wallet-friendly feast. It’s rare to hit the jackpot on all three attributes! The Pad Thai was truly out of this world. 

Hungry? So am I. I hope you enjoy your Queenstown food-venture as much as I enjoyed mine! I wish I had more photos to share, but to be perfectly honest, I was far too hungry to think about composition at the time. 

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